Portugal is a peaceful, secure, well-governed democracy with beautiful landscapes and a temperate climate.

Its efficient, investment-friendly government has put intelligent policies in place to attract wealth and skills into a relatively underpopulated country by current European standards. The country has a population of less than 11 million people, an extremely low population growth and a GDP per capita of $28 000.

  • Rated the 4th most peaceful country in the world
  • Rated the best country in Europe for expats to live in
  • Rated ‘Best European Destination 2018’ by USA Today
  • Rated no. 20 in the world for ‘best quality of life’ in 2018
  • 73% of Portuguese are ‘satisfied with their living conditions’
  • Tourism grew more than 44% from 2013 to 2017
  • Tourism revenue grew more than 64% in the same period

Having rebounded more vigorously from the 2008 Global Financial Crisis than any of its Mediterranean cousins, Portugal has established itself as a consolidated and well-regulated destination, much sought-after by investors from around the world.

Several factors were responsible for placing Portugal on the investor radar including favourable economic growth, security, a solid real estate market, exceptional growth in tourism and higher levels of profitability than most comparable markets.

A variety of factors including the country’s rich and diverse culture coupled with the comfortable Mediterranean climate, safe and secure living conditions and a variety of attractive incentives on offer to foreign investors, all contribute to a quality of life that is driving ongoing interest in this market from investors in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

‘The Portuguese real estate market is currently thriving on the back of good economic fundamentals, political stability and a firm position on the radar of foreign investors.

‘As a result, rents have increased and yields have compressed, increasing asset value and the respective return for investors, increasing market liquidity.’

JLL Market 360 Report, 2018/19

JLL Market 360 Report, 2018/19


A 2018 published report on the European real estate market by PricewaterhouseCoopers makes the following assessment:

‘With some of Europe’s major markets judged to be peaking, attention is shifting to smaller, dynamic cities: It’s not just about investing in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. There can be a whole second tier of cities that win on a number of different measures.

‘Lisbon is this year’s choice for overall prospects. Interviewees cite the city’s “quality of life” and “positive leadership”.

‘Portugal’s economy is growing at a healthy clip, and its capital (Lisbon) is now an international destination for companies, investors and tourists. It’s on everyone’s platter of cities they like.’